Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Writers' Desks

So I was looking at my desk this morning, thinking about this space that I spend so much of my time, and I started wondering what other people's desks look like. And about what we can tell from an inspection of a writer's working space?

Look, I'll show you mine:

That's the space I choose to work in. Turn around and I see this:

For me it's the natural place to work. Every wall shelved out and packed to the ceiling with books, comics, CDs, DVDs and action figures. I like to feel hemmed in on all sides by things that can, in a second, provide me with inspiration and ideas. Reminders of things that are somehow important to me, plastic representations of things that have, in some way, fed in to this crazy existence of made-up worlds that is the life of the writer.

The books overflow into just about every room of our house, and provide a constant, tangible tie to the world of words that I have chosen as my life-path.

I don't feel wholly comfortable in rooms that have no books. Even books I rarely touch have a place here, because my desk and shelves are like a map of my mind, of the influences and ideas that have made me the person I am, that fuel this thing that I do.

So that's my desk.

Anyone else want to share?

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